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What else? Who is Gamblermaster?

Gamblermaster is a character and there is a hint of irony in his name. Because the people behind the character are normal hobby gamblers like most players are. However, working in the industry for several years has given us a lot of knowledge about where to gamble. What places are good and what are not? And our goal is of course to focus on the best online casinos. The ones that are top 10 material.

Gamblermaster’s vision and history

Originally Gamblermaster was Gamblermeister, but due to some trademark issues, the name had to be changed when the site was launched in English. Our goal however remained the same. Present the best online casinos to our readers in a funny way, but still telling the facts. Despite the sometimes outrageous humor.

Gamblermaster’s way of reviewing online casinos

Gamblermaster aims to focus on a certain amount of key points that potential players should know before deciding whether they want to gamble on a specific casino. What kind of experiences can you expect, if you choose to play on a particular online casino? Basic things such as the bonus, bonus terms, and available payment methods are always presented and reviewed.

Gamblermaster earns a commission, if players choose to play via affiliate links on the website. But you cannot buy opinions from Gamblermaster. Reviews are transparent and if there are flaws, they are mentioned in the review. Gamblermaster is an independent casino review site and not afraid to tell honest opinions.

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